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Service Description

Classy matte business cards give your company an elegant look service.


  • Elegant, shine free matte finish
  • Enhanced readability for your cards
  • Great for adding written notes
  • Choose from traditional square or rounded corners

Matte business cards offer a professional, elegant style that gives a unique feel to your brand or business. It has been popular for custom cards since they have been available, and for good reason. There is nothing quite like that sleek, shine-free appearance for setting the tone.

Matte card provides a very smooth finish that feels great and makes text easy to read, while the lack of shine ensures precise color reproduction and clarity of design. Choose from a traditional design or go for square cards, and add rounded corners to either for completely unique matte buisness cards to your design.

Create stunning designs quickly and easily

We have worked hard to ensure you have all the options you need to create stunning matte business cards that get your brand noticed, but also made it extremely simple and fast to use as well. You can browse our vast template library or quickly upload your own design, choose the card options you want and then use our 3D previewer to see what they will look like.

You can fine tune everything from there, and then order with confidence knowing you will have the perfect matte business cards for your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, whatever card stock you choose, the cards are matte on both sides, feeling much smoother in the hand than other types of card.

Yes, you can. Be aware that different types of pen may give different results.

We offer both standard and premium cards. Standard cards are 14 pt, premium are 16pt. That means .014 of an inch and .016 of an inch respectively.

Yes, you can choose those options within the design process, whether you use a template or upload your own design. You can add rounded corners and choose a square shape too.

Matte cards are smoother, with a completely non-reflective surface. They have a more elegant, refined look that really shows off colors to perfection. Glossy cards have a shiny coating that is great for photo reproduction.